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Transitional K Program

Our goal is to prepare our youngest students, who are still four years old and eligible for kindergarten, by providing a developmentally appropriate program as they begin their schooling.

Transitional Kindergarten is a full day program with transportation, using the early learning standards as well as an introduction to the Connecticut Core standards. It  is a program made especially for kids turning 5 between September 1 and January 1. Transitional Kindergarten was created by Groton to address a longstanding need in CT. Children in Connecticut are eligible to start kindergarten at a younger age than kids in any other state.  These children may need more time to develop the maturity, social skills, and early academic skills they need to succeed in kindergarten and beyond.  At the same time kindergarten standards and curriculum have changed over the years and many of the skills once taught in first grade are now expected in kindergarten. Transitional Kindergarten gives children the opportunity to develop these skills in a play based and developmentally appropriate way that makes learning fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the criteria for getting into the TK Program?
    • Age eligible for Kindergarten
    • Birthday on or after September 1st
    • Limited Preschool experience
    • K Screening Data
  • How are students selected for the program?
    • TK candidates are selected based on the criteria mentioned above during the K Screening Process.  If your child is selected as a candidate, you will be contacted by a staff member and offered a spot.  It is your choice then if you would like your child to attend the TK Program.  If you choose not to accept the spot, your child will attend Kindergarten!  
  • What does a typical day look like?
    • The TK Program is a full day program.  They will have lunch and recess just like the K Classes.

    • TK students will have the same Specials and access to Magnet Themed programming.

  • Where is the tk Program located?
    • Currently, we have one TK class which will be at Thames River Magnet School.

  • Do we have to be in the Thames River Magnet School district or get into the lottery to be considered?
    • Nope!  As part of the TK Selection process, candidates are selected from each school.  If a parent accepts the offer, bus transportation will be available regardless of where they live in the Groton School District.  At the end of TK, your child would then return to their home school (unless they got into another school through the lottery in the Spring).